Starfield - A Promising Cosmic Odyssey Hindered by Technical Glitches and Unfulfilled Expectations

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Starfield, the long-awaited spacefaring RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios, brings players on an interstellar adventure with a grand vision of space exploration, freedom, and storytelling. However, while the game holds immense promise and ambition, it falls short in several key areas, primarily due to technical issues and unfulfilled expectations.

One of the most alluring aspects of Starfield is its vast and immersive science fiction universe. The game's setting aims to offer a galaxy teeming with possibilities, inviting players to explore new planets, interact with alien species, and uncover the secrets of the cosmos. This ambition for open-ended space exploration is the game's primary allure, drawing fans of the genre with the promise of limitless adventure.

However, Starfield is marred by a series of technical glitches and performance problems that detract from the overall experience. Bethesda's reputation for launching games with numerous bugs is unfortunately upheld in this title although to a lesser extend. Many players including us have experienced a variety of issues including bad PC performance, crashes, graphical anomalies, and quest-breaking bugs. These technical hiccups not only disrupt immersion but also hinder progression, causing frustration among players.

Furthermore, while the game's vast open world holds promise, it also raises concerns about depth and meaningful content. There is a lack of variety in activities and the pacing of the game leaves much to be desired. The promise of limitless exploration at times feels undermined by a lack of engaging things to do in the vastness of space.
Starfield's narrative potential remains somewhat unfulfilled. The side content is often much more engaging and exciting than the main quests the game has to offer.

Bethesda's over reliance on fast travel and many, many loading screens also comes off as very dated in 2023 where we have already seen games that offer seamless transitions between vast open areas, or into smaller spaces and vice versa.

The combat in Starfield is lukewarm at best, it often feels dated with poorly programmed AI. The enemy and weapon variety is lackluster, the loot and inventory system is also dated and very time consuming to navigate and use. The RPG trait system is good but doesn't really offer the character customisation depth we would expect from a 'Next Gen RPG' from Bethesda.

In conclusion, Starfield is a game teetering on the edge of greatness but held back by technical issues and unmet expectations. While its grand vision of space exploration and immersive world-building is evident, the prevalence of bugs and performance problems hampers the overall experience. The game's narrative and gameplay also fall short of the high standards set by Bethesda's previous titles. Therefore, Starfield receives a slightly above average 6 out of 10 panda's on our scale, reflecting its potential but also the need for significant improvements to fully realize its cosmic ambitions.

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