DOOM (2016) - A Relentless Return to Hell

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Doom 2016 Game Review


DOOM (2016), a reboot of the iconic first-person shooter franchise, brings the relentless demon-slaying action back to the forefront. Developed by id Software, this iteration successfully captures the spirit of the original while infusing it with modern visuals and gameplay. While DOOM excels in many areas, certain elements prevent it from reaching the pinnacle of its demonic potential.

Classic DOOM Atmosphere:

DOOM successfully captures the essence of the original games, infusing the experience with adrenaline-pumping music and a gritty, relentless atmosphere. The game pays homage to its roots while embracing modern aesthetics, creating a nostalgic yet fresh take on the DOOM universe.

Intense and Gratifying Combat:

DOOM thrives on its frenetic, fast-paced combat that keeps players on the edge of their seat. The diverse arsenal of weapons, coupled with the glory kill system, delivers visceral and satisfying demon destruction. The game successfully marries the nostalgic feel of the original DOOM with contemporary shooter mechanics, creating a blood-pumping experience.

Visceral Visuals and Design:

The game's visuals and level design are a hellish delight. DOOM impresses with its atmospheric environments, gruesome demon designs, and the relentless energy pulsating through every corner of its Mars-based hellscape. The attention to detail in the environments contributes significantly to the overall immersion.

Formulaic Level Structure:

While the combat is exhilarating, the level design can become somewhat repetitive. DOOM follows a formulaic structure, often involving clearing rooms of demons before proceeding to the next area. This repetitiveness can dampen the overall sense of exploration and surprise. However this is an arena shooter, and we are all here to slay demons with some cool weaponry so at the end of the day this is really not a big deal.

Sparse Narrative:

DOOM opts for a minimalist approach to storytelling, which aligns with the series tradition. While this approach might resonate with fans seeking pure action, it leaves much to be desired for those looking for a more immersive narrative experience. The narrative takes a backseat, and the game relies heavily on its core gameplay loop.

Multiplayer Limitations:

The multiplayer component of DOOM, while functional, doesn't quite reach the heights of the single-player experience. It lacks the same frenzied energy and can feel somewhat generic compared to the exceptional campaign. The multiplayer modes might not hold the attention of players seeking a robust online experience.


In conclusion, DOOM (2016) successfully revitalizes the classic franchise with its intense combat, visceral visuals, and nostalgic atmosphere. With a 8/10 panda's on our scale, it stands as a commendable return to Hell. Some minor flaws prevent it from achieving the highest demonic glory. Nevertheless, for fans of relentless, old-school first-person shooting action, DOOM serves up a satisfying and demonically charged experience.


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