Remnant 2 - A Solid Sequel with Room for Improvement

Remnant 2 Video Game Reviews

Remnant 2 Game Review


Remnant 2, the sequel to the well-received Remnant: From the Ashes, builds upon its predecessor's foundation with a mix of familiar elements and new features. While the game retains the essence of cooperative survival and intense combat, it falls short of reaching new heights.

Visually Striking Environments:

The game's environments are visually striking, showcasing diverse and well-designed landscapes. From eerie dungeons to post-apocalyptic landscapes, Remnant 2 creates a visually immersive world that complements its dark and atmospheric tone. The attention to environmental detail enhances the overall gaming experience.

Cooperative Survival Thrills:

Remnant 2 excels in delivering cooperative survival thrills. The multiplayer experience is engaging, and the dynamic encounters keep players on their toes. The game's focus on teamwork and strategic gameplay remains a highlight, providing an immersive and enjoyable cooperative experience that fans of the series will appreciate.

Improved Combat Dynamics:

The combat in Remnant 2 is refined, offering improved dynamics and a variety of weapons and abilities. The gunplay feels satisfying, and the addition of new weapons and mods adds depth to the gameplay. However, some mechanics still feel slightly clunky, and certain aspects of combat could benefit from further fine-tuning. The new trait system is one of the points where the game is a bit lackluster, this is also quite baffling because the first game had a way better, more open trait system. Remnant 2 retains some of the inconsistent difficulty level issues from the first game. This is not a big problem when playing cooperative, however in solo play the game can get extremely difficult at times.

Narrative Depth:

While the narrative attempts to build upon the lore of the Remnant universe, it falls short of delivering the depth and intrigue found in the first installment. The story lacks the same level of engagement, and character development feels somewhat underwhelming. Players who enjoyed the rich narrative of the original may find themselves wanting more from the sequel.

Technical Hiccups:

Remnant 2 faces technical challenges that impact the overall experience. Players have reported occasional bugs, performance issues, and connectivity problems, which can detract from the immersive nature of the game. Addressing these technical hiccups is essential for providing a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Room for Improvement:

Remnant 2, while a solid sequel, leaves room for improvement. Fine-tuning the combat mechanics, addressing technical issues, and injecting more depth into the narrative would elevate the game to a higher standard. The potential is there, and with future updates, Remnant 2 has the opportunity to evolve into a more refined and compelling experience.


In conclusion, Remnant 2 is a commendable sequel that captures the cooperative survival essence of its predecessor. With a 7/10 panda's on our scale, it stands as a solid addition to the Remnant series. While it delivers on certain fronts, there's potential for growth in terms of narrative depth, technical stability, and overall polish. Fans of cooperative shooters will find enjoyment in the game, but it may not fully satisfy those seeking a more profound evolution from the original Remnant: From the Ashes.

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